"The designer in me notices everything around me and the wheels in my mind start churning about how it can be done better." This bug in my head made me design tattoos and body jewels using the best materials and getting them handmade by artisans. A lot of footwork and learning about an entirely new craft was so energising and the already in use product got a fresh look though my eyes not yet conditioned to what is already happening in this space.

Having gone the whole hog developing temporary tatoos and body jewels, WOTOOS found success in the international market due it's superior quality. It is time now to launch it in my own country where "Shringar" (the fine art of beauty and decorating the hair and body) is a much celebrated and loved aspect of the beautiful Indian women. The fun factor of WOTOOS along with the creativity of the user can make for interesting looks.

We are building a strong on-line and shop-in shop presence in India as well now. WOTOOS sells to private labels as well and solicits customers who wish to place wholesale orders with their own discintive designs that identify with their particular brand.


"Why so serious?" WOTOOS aspires to add fun to everyday dressing or add total funk to the party look. Our customers are 50 year young women in a very classic elegant look, with a small WOTOO tatoo look, just enough to make you sit up and say "hey! Somethings going on here!", a 12 year pre-teen having fun with them on her day-time jam-sessions, or young women across the board using them in their own unique ways. Any which way WOTOOS are used, they are meant to add a little mischief into the everyday dressing of every woman.


WOTOOS products are tested for safety and are certified by laboratories from India and the United Kingdoms. These products comply with the highest international safety norms.
The labortories from which are products have been certifed are :

  • Intertek India Private Limited Innovant Research, United Kingdom
  • Materials used follow stringent safety standards.
  • The stones and beads used are lead free
  • The gum used is foilet free
  • The glass stones used AB Colours
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