“The perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other”

Kate Stewart, Loving the White Liar

A Wedding is a celebration of a lifetime, a union of hearts and souls. The day marks the advent of a new journey, a fresh beginning that everyone wants to be smeared with joyous memories, frolic and bliss. The reverie of this auspiciously special day must resonate in the hearts of people forever.

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Its no secret that Indians love weddings (and love spending on them even more), it is often felt that somewhere between the larger than life Décor, the Vintage Bars, the Choreographed Dances and the Dreamy Outfits, weddings have lost their personal

touch and intimate feel. In the midst of all this beautiful chaos there is a need of something that hits you right where it feels, something that is thoroughly yours.

You don’t need to go overboard or break the bank to make the occasion- an affair extraordinaire. There are numerous other ways to arrest the attention of the guests and make them feel connected and involved with the festivities.

And that is exactly where we step in, to make your wedding yours again. Wotoos introduces a range of customized wedding tattoos to add some sparkles and glitters to the affair!

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