Putting on a Wotoo is the simplest thing to do. Just cut out the part you want to apply. Place the print touching your skin and rub the upper side of the paper with a ball of cotton soaked in water. Keep it pressed for 30 seconds and gently remove the paper.You have an exciting piece of body art on you now! You can see how it's done on this Application Video and we also have this handy Application Kit for you that you can order.
A WOTOO lasts anywhere between 2 to four days. The delicate designs with fine lines wear out a little faster than the bolder designs. Apply the WOTOO on an oil free skin and clean it gently, without scrubbing. These exciting body art are waterproof and cool to wear in the pool or at the beach.
Just dab it with a bit of baby oil or a handy oil that is safe for the skin, and gently scrub it off. Wash it off under running water. You can remove it with scotch tape too if you are in a hurry! Watch our removal video to see how it's done.
Our temporary tattoos are known as "No regret tattoos" for a good reason. Our production facilities have been inspected and are certified for compliance by Intertek India Pvt.Ltd. and Innovant Research, United Kingdom. The pigments and glues are tested for safety. Even our factories are compliant for safety of the people who work there and for clean methods of production.

We have a young and creative team at WOTOOS who are brimming with design ideas no matter what their job profile is, because they love to use WOTOOS too! They share their ideas with our graphic designers and so an eclectic collection takes shape.

Watch our website regularly. We have design competitions time to time and the designs we choose for production are rewarded with a WOTOO kit of body jewels, water transfer set, nail art set and a removal kit.

Shipping and Delivery

For shipping anywhere in India, there are nominal shipping charges of Rs.48/- . Overseas shipping is $ 7/- per package. We are working to bring these prices down and will be happy to share the good news with you as soon as possible.
Our Indian customers can expect to get their delivery within 24 hours of ordering. Overseas orders will be delivered within 48 hours. Now you don't have to wait forever for your WOTOO
Our deliveries are already express deliveries. If for some reason, your chosen product is out of stock, we will get in touch with you to replace the order or cancel it, which might take a little longer. For Overseas shipping, sometimes a package can get stuck in customs, which is unlikely, and this is beyond our control, but we ship it out post haste so you don't have to wait.


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We love events, too! Please write an email to us at event@wotoos.com we will arrange something that's a good fit for both of us.
What can be more exciting than stamping your event on participants? WOTOOS minimum quantity required for printing is 1000pcs, so yes, you can order custom tattoos if you require this quantity or above. Custom tattoos also require a certain time for production, so get in touch with us in good time before you need these. Get in touch with us at wholesale@wotoos.com


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